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Dear customers,

From all of us here at the Chaniatransfer.taxi, we would like to thank you for all the help and support we have enjoyed since 1995 as we have first started operating on the market, providing taxi services and airport transfers. You have managed to place us higher and to make us continuously improve our services.

Although Chaniatransfer.taxi online presence is new, we are working hard on building our clientele and customer base. If you used our service in the past or you plan to use it in the near future, we hope that you will recommend us and your testimonial will be a proof of our good service.

Taking a prearranged taxi is economical, and much more convenient than airport shuttle services. Our drivers are very polite and friendly. One thing’s for sure, for those who choose us for their transfer we are always doing our best to provide an efficient and professional service.

From now on when you need a taxi in Chania or anywhere in Crete, we hope you will be choosing Chaniatransfer.taxi

After completing a service, we send a link to customers, so you can review our work. In case you do not have received please contact us or send your testimonial to: info@chaniatransfer.taxi

Chaniatransfer.taxi Team

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